God saw you getting tired

And a cure was not to be

So He put His arms around you

And whispered "Come to me"

With tearful eyes we watched you

And saw you slib away

And though we loved you dearly

We could not make you stay

A golden heart stopped beating

Hard working paws put to rest

God broke our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the Best!









Babbacombe Smoky Light


(Ch. Beagold Wayward Lad x Ardassine Eskimo)








Babbacombe Make My Day


(Ch. Gilby Fawn Oner of Debora's Farm x Babbacombe Sugar and Spice)






Charncroft Copper Sunrise


(Charncroft Cloverglen x Bendale Secret's Out at Charncroft)







Babbacombe Obsession


(Britannia Stars and Stripes x Charncroft Copper Dawn)






Dimpleton Heaven Lee


(Charncroft Copper Sunrise x Babbacombe Obsession)

Loved and Owned by Jeanine Postma, Martin Hermans, Priscilla Hermans






Babbacombe Bella Donna


(Babbacombe Immagination x Babbacombe Ommadawn)








Dimpleton Envy Me


(Babbacombe Chequers x Babbacombe Bella Donna)