In April 1990 we got our first Bearded Collie: Dimple (Babbacome Smoky Light). He was a blue dog. We got Dimple as a pet, but he still did reasonably well at shows when we gave it a try. In 1991 we got a friend for Dimple, a slate dog named Chester (Babbacombe Make My Day). Chester was a very promising beautiful pup and we very much looked forward to showing him when he got older. Unfortunately he didn’t grow up as expected. But what he missed in looks he made up for with his wonderful personality!


In 1992 we unexpectedly and much too early had to say goodbye to Dimple. Chester, who grew up with Dimple, was all lost all by himself. Soon we got a new friend for him. A brown dog from England called Copper (Charncroft Copper Sunrise) and not much later we also got 8 month old Brontë (Babbacome Obsession).


In 1996 the first litter of Dimpleton puppies were born. Brontë and Copper got 5 beautiful brown puppies. We had to apply for a kennelname and knew straight away we wanted a name in which Dimple would always be remembered. 

In 2002 we lost Copper and Chester. Brontë was left behind. Not much later she was joined by her brown granddaughter (Babbacombe Bella Donna). Brontë adored her! Brontë passed away in 2007 when she was nearly 15 years old.


In November 2004 Abbey got her first litter. Out of this litter we kept a slate daughter and named her Suzy (Dimpleton Envy Me). In 2006 Abbey got her second litter and this time we kept a beautiful brown boy Fellow (Dimpleton Dare to Dream).


At the moment we have 4 Beadies: Fellow (Dimpleton Dare to Dream – Abbey’s son), Haley (Pattishawl Just Perfect – our beautiful blue English girl), Mason (Dimpleton Talk of the Town – Suzy’s son) and Sienna (Dimpleton Simply Breathless – Haley’s gorgeous brown daughter).