Pedigree Pattishawl Just Perfect



Malandex Xplicitly Done Ch. Alistair's Lonesome Cowboy Ch. Alistair's Ironside Ch. Potterdale Illusion
Ch. Woolpack's Zweet Corn
Ch. Alistair's Give It Hot Ch. Chriscaro Cagney
Ch. Magicbrook Pretty Maid
Malandex Xquisitly Made Ch. Gillaber Drummond Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie
Gillaber Cairnacay
Ch. Malandex Xquisit Ch. Otterwish O'Connor
Moonhill Moving Image
Pattishawl Just So Ch. Sammara Overture Ch. Mungo's Over The Moon at Zoesta Ch. Moonhill Does It In Style
Jambalaya Snow Drop
Sammara Hubbaloo Ch. Hamble Huckleberry
Sammara Out To Lunch
Pattishawl Naughty But Nice Snowmead Senator Potterdale Politician
Ch. Desborough Dulcinea of Snowmead
Potterdale Performance Ch. Potterdale Conclusion
Ch. Potterdale Personality